The Awakening

I am still wondering why I am still in this darkness? Is this what they call purgatory? The place in-between?

All of a sudden, I felt warm. I was thinking why? There is no light, not even fire in this place.

And then my heart started beating fast.

Huh? I started to wonder again. I placed my hand above my chest. I don't understand.

Right before my eyes, a ray of light suddenly burst out. I was terrified.

Am I going somewhere I am destined to be?

I ran so I can escape this darkness but I fell in a hole of the unknown.

I was falling very fast. I screamed so hard. What's happening?

It stopped. My body can't move. I tried but I can't.  The commotion started again, and I plunged into something. Water? But this time, my body was illuminating. I can already see the way. I looked around me. I can see the light again.

I decided to swim deeper so I can follow the ray of light.

I'm getting near. I successfully passed through it.

And it all turned black again.

Huh? I moved my body again. I am lying on something fluffy. I felt comfort.

I opened my eyes. Awwwww. The light hurts my eyes. Is it because I was accustomed to the dark for a very long time?

I let my hand be my shield and I got up.

Wait... Is this a carriage?

I was on top of a beautiful handcrafted bed and I observed that the size of the carriage is not the normal one I am using. It gotten much bigger. What exactly is going on?

I suddenly  heard a voice behind me. "My goodness..."

I looked at the person who said those words and widened my eyes in surprise. "Auguste?"

He passed through me and roughly opened a hole in the wall. "Make the carriage stop."

I am still confuse for the moment. I thought I was dead. How did this thing happen? I drank the poison which can only mean one thing - I am dead. My corpse must be traveling now to the Royal City in order for the people to mourn.

I should not be a living corpse, right?

I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn't notice the glaring eyes of the person in front of me. I examined my hands. I moved them as I wish. I am really alive.

"I was relieved to know that you are alive, Princess Elleithyia."

I stared at him for a short moment. "Yeah. I didn't even expect this miracle."

"I doubt that it's a 'miracle'. I examined the cup you drank three days ago, the silver spoon didn't even react on it."

As a royalty, our lives were prone to assassination attempts. It was taught to us that silver reacts to poison so we always use it as part of our utensils.

"Three days, you say?"


"Three days it is... But I am quite curious, why do her majesty have that?"

"Someone told me that it will be useful if I wanted to escape some pain.I thought it was a poison in the first place. But turned out that it's not." I cannot tell him who gave it to me, but it was Merylla, the High Priestess of our Kingdom. She strictly told me not to tell anyone that I received that kind of thing from her.

"Please excuse me for being rude, your majesty. To do such decisions on your own, are you out of your mind?"

I sighed. Auguste is really angry right now. He has never been rude to me before and I felt the intensity of his words.

"Haaaaaa... I made the cold Duke of Schmidt angry. This is serious."

"Your majesty, to act so cool at this very moment. Are you not..."

I gestured my hand to make him stop. "Does the news of my death already reached the capital?"


I blew out a sigh. This is no good. I clenched my fist because of anger. I acted out without planning. Anyway, why would I plan after my death if I am supposed to be dead?

"I am sorry that I acted out of my emotions. To have caused you so much trouble. I will make it up to you."

"No. There is no need for that right now. We just need to fix the mess you made."

I suddenly felt a headache. Uggggghhhhh. I pressed my head lightly. I started to hate him(my ex-fiance) more. And also  myself.

"Is something the matter?"

"It's just that. I realized that I committed a huge mistake."

"By not saying goodbye to him?"

"That doesn't matter anymore." I answered him coldly.

He looked puzzled. I forgot. I didn't even tell him why I suddenly want to kill myself.

"I'll tell you after we plan to clean the mess."


Author's Note: Sorry for the cliffhanger. But I'll update another chapter as soon as possible.

The End

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