Once it's lost, you will never bring it back

Elleithyia, being betrayed by the one she loved, wanted to end her misery when she drank the poisonous content of her cup. Thought to be dead, her corpse was sent back to her country to held a funeral. Never did she know that the content was only a tunic, that only let the heart stop momentarily and making the body cold as ice.
She wakes up in the middle of the journey - terrified of what happened.
Now her heart is burning as fire, hatred started to consume her fragile heart.

All I know is that I am running right now. And I don't even know where to go.

And then suddenly, my surroundings became pitch black. I stopped running. I looked around.

Haaaa... I really hate dark places.

I slowly walked in the midst of darkness and began to think. Why am I here anyway? The last thing I remember is I drank the contents of that cup.

I stopped.

I am already dead. Yeah, probably this is my soul. Wandering around this area.

I started walking again

I am Elleithyia Celeste von Sierra, 18 years of age, the princess of a country called 'Sierra'. Too sad that I already died, and my story ends here, a tragic heroine who lost her beloved prince.

No. Lost is not a proper term. Betrayed. I was betrayed by my fiance. And in order to redeem my dignity as a woman, I chose to kill myself.

I would rather die than being humiliated. A laughing stock who couldn't keep her man by her side. Rather being labeled as the 'Pathetic Princess', I would rather let this body be destroyed.

Unknowingly, tears are already flowing in my cheeks.

I lost everything - my status, my dignity, my fiance and my self-respect.

And this is the end of a tragedy. My tragedy.

The tragedy of a loser princess.

And this time, I let my tears fall. And I cried to my heart's content.


Author's Note: Sorry for the short chapter. But whoever is reading this, I want to thank you already. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you like it.

The End

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