hire a helicopter to get there

You dial three wrong numbers and try again. The pen is waiting by your side, ever-present and impatient. 

"Hello, this is Macey, how may I help you?" a tinny voice from the phone says.

"Oh, hello, I'm looking to book a helicopter to the..." you start to say before the person on the other end interrupts you. 

"You've definitely got the wrong number. Good-bye." 

There is a loud beep, and you realise that the person has just hung up on you. Your pen sighs irritably. 

"Another wrong number?" it says. 

"Unfortunately so," you sigh. 

"Give it here," the pen says, and jumps up to knock the phone from your hands before you can do anything. Then it jumps on a lot of numbers and presses the green call button. 

"Hello, this is Thriffy's Helicopter Hire, how may I help you?" 

"See?" the pen says triumphantly to you. 

"Excuse me, what did you say?" the person on the phone asks. 

"Oh, I was talking to someone else just then," your pen answers. "I want to book a helicopter to take me to the airport. Well, us actually. The human's coming too."

"Excuse me?" the person splutters, not sure whether they heard right. You snatch the phone off the pen and speak into it. 

"Sorry, a spot of weirdness there. That's my ... umm, brother," you say. 

"Right. Address please?"

You suddenly realise that the helicopter is going to have to know where you live to get to your house, and say the address into the phone. 

"Good," the person says, seeming to note it down. "That is all. Good-bye, and look forward to your helicopter arriving within the next hour or so."

"Hour?" you say, eyes widening.

The End

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