a dungeon

Wait, a dungeon?

"What's the dungeon for?" you ask. There is no answer, but you feel a sharp shove in your back, making you fall into the dungeon. "Hey, you just pushed me, you know!" you say. 

"I do know," the being in the doorway says, something evil glinting in his eyes. Wait, you can see his eyes, and tell that he's a man.

"I can see your face!" you say excitedly.

"Great," the man says, without any emotion.

"And, and your tail!" you say, pointing to the spiky red devil's tail protruding from his white silk cloak. It swishes at you, and then only do you realise that the thing you are staring at in front of you looks exactly like a devil in a white cloak. "You have got one good make-up artist! Either that, or you just have a great costume-maker!"

The magnificent door clangs shut, and a key turns in its lock. "Stupid being," you hear the devil-man mutter from behind it.

The End

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