"Purgatory?" you say, wrinkling up your nose. "What did I do to get here?"

The being says nothing, just stands there and stares down at you. "This one is going to be trouble," it remarks.

"Excuse me?" you splutter, offended. "I'm a very well-behaved person, thank-you very much."

The being ignores what you said and instead says; "You will be kept here for consideration until further notice."

"Consideration?" you cry indignantly.

"You will notice a pink armband on your right arm. Please take care not to lose it and to scan it whenever the scanner requires you to do so," the being continued, speaking over the top of you. "Thank-you." Then it walked away.

"Come back here right now and explain to me what's happening!" you demand, but it doesn't, and you're left, in the bright light, all alone.

The End

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