"Why thank-you, I'm feeling very welcome already," is the first thing that pops into your head. Then you try to stand up, but feel something on your shoulder which is keeping you down.

You turn to peer at the mysterious thing on your shoulder. It is a forked thing. Your gaze travels up it, to a magnificent white-sleeved arm.

"Is that cotton?" you ask, motioning your head towards the sleeve. The being sighed. 

"Unfortunately, no. Only silk. It's my bathrobe, you see."

"If it is your bathrobe, shouldn't it be something a little ... furrier?" you ask, twisting up your nose. "Right?"

The being shrugged, then laughed a bellowing, welcoming laugh. "Who cares nor has the time to care? Let's get you into your accommodation! Follow me, please."

The pressure on your shoulder is released, and you have this feeling that you are able to stand up now. You do, and scamper after the white-cloaked being, who's already far down a corridor that you hadn't noticed before.

You stop after a long way, and the being flings open a magnificent door to reveal...

The End

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