that they were poisonous 'Acreydibacta' leaves

You feel a strange tingling sensation on your tongue that quickly spreads through your body. Soon, you're tingling all over, and it isn't a pleasant tingling sensation either.

You drop the remainder of the leaves that you still have in your hand and see something blue flash in the corner of your eye. You turn your head to try and look at it, and to your horror, it turns out to be your hand. The blueness is taking over your body!

"I'm dying," you whisper to yourself in instant realisation. Then you go numb, and drop to the ground. Everything goes black, then there's a blinding light. You see a figure above you, but the light is so bright that you can't make out its features.

You are about to turn away and shade your eyes when it starts talking.

"Welcome to..."

The End

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