forget your mum's number (another search!)

You feel so confident and proud of yourself for finding the phone in such a quick and efficient way, but then just about as you're going to punch in the phone number you realize something: you don't know your mum's phone number!

Grr, you think to yourself, another search. I'm fed up of these slow and inefficient searches, but, being the good person I am, I must find the number to call my mum and rid myself of my burden. My knowledge burden, that is. Not the old socks I tie onto my arm every day for inspiration. That's a good burden. 

"Enough of this talk of burdens! Just find the number!" a shrill voice shrieks. You start, looking this way and that for whoever had just talked. There was no-one. It was an empty house. You feel a shiver running up and down your spine, and realize that the wind is coming through an open window right where your back is.

Phew, you think. I almost thought that was a shiver running up and down my spine as if my body was trying to tell me something.

You close the window, but the shivering continues. "I'm trying to tell you something!" your body is saying, but you don't know that, so, instead, you shrug and ignore the feeling.

"I must be cold," you say to yourself, but surprisingly, someone answers.

"I'm pretty sure that's not you being cold, but I'm just a pen, what would I know?"

You follow the voice. It seems to be coming from the red pen lying on your desk.

"You're just a pen, you can't do any harm," you say to no-one in particular. "You didn't talk."

"Well you sure saw me move, didn't you?" the pen says. "I can talk too, you know."

"I'm pretty sure you're just my friend playing tricks on me," you say.

"I'm not sure how your friend could make you think that a pen's talking to you, but think what you like."

"I will," you say defiantly. "And in my thinking, pens don't talk!"

Or do they, said a voice at the back of your mind.

"They don't!" you whine back at your voice-in-the-back-of-your-mind.

"Pick me up, then, and I'll perform more tricks for you," the innocent-looking pen lying on your desk says.

"Hmm..." you say. You then decide to...

The End

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