A Mermaid

"A mermaid!" you command, not really sure what you're asking. The wish-genie-thing can't summon people – or...uh, beings – from nowhere can, it?

There is a splash, a wave of coldness across your chest, and upon prising your eyes open, you are faced with the womanly shape of a half-fish, half-human lady. You glance down her slender speckled legs. Yup, a tail.

She tosses said tail into the air, tossing more droplets of water over you. You splutter. Urg. Where are her manners?

Wiping the seawater, as stingy as it is, from your eyes, you fully scan the mermaid who's appeared on your desk.

Her giggle is the windchimes in the west of the country; her hair is as if seaweed swam to an underwater stylist. Her eyes are muted, changing like, yes, various colours of the oceans as the sun creeps its way across the sky above it.

Taking this in, you swallow, and wave a bit in her direction.

"Hi. Uh, sorry."

"What for?" she asks, wrapping her fingers through her hair.

"Random apparition...?" you suggest.

The mermaid grins. Something like camaraderie flitters between the two of you, and you scan her face. It’s an epitome of innocence, but something lies beyond that smile—something sharp and something that makes your chest compress.

If only there were a way to test her. To test her loyalty and…not-deathliness. It’s offered to you in an instant. The smile fades, contorting like some sort of Disney seahag face. She starts coughing – a sound which is even as ocean-soft as the rest of her.

"What's wrong?" you ask, pouncing over the desk to her.

"Need...water..." she says through splutters.

Okay. She is a mermaid. Makes sense.

The End

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