Keep following the man

You decide that it's too risky to try and escape now. You keep following the man. He leads you through those twisty corridors again, and now you have no doubt that if you had escaped earlier, you'd have gotten lost.

The man walks quickly, forcing you to keep a quick pace too. Soon, I'll arrive at our destination. I want you to be completely silent.

"Okay," you say, nodding.


"Sorry," you say, then cover your mouth guiltily as the man turns and glares at you. He keeps walking, and all you can see is tousled hair.

We have arrived

You put a finger to your lips to signify that you've remembered what the man told you to do. The man nods, then opens the door.

A waft of stale air immediately hits you, doubled in strength because it's cold. The man walks in first before you, then you follow.

He shuts the door behind you, making you basically locked out. You eye the window. You could escape from there...

The End

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