There is a flash of purple magikky stuff

Suddenly, you feel dizzy. Your head swirls and you forget where you are. You feel as if you are flying out of your body. Wow, your first out-of-body experience.

You see all these pretty colours flash in front of your eyes, and there are faces, familiar faces, floating across your line of vision.

Then everything goes black.

When you wake up, you can tell that there is something different. You feel as if you aren't really yourself, anymore, and you can never quite focus your eyes on anything, meaning you can't really tell where you are, clearly.

You don't remember anything. You vaguely remember the feel of dizziness, and something sleek and black and a woman's TV ad voice.

You hear clicking fingers. You feel something click in your mind, as if this is what you were destinied for. It's like the click made you whole again.

You walk over to wherever you think the clicking sound came from. You see through your muffled vision that sleek black thing again, then you hear something. You hear something oddly familiar. A wonderful voice, just like that in your memory.

"Water, please," is all that gets through your muddled brain. You instinctively move towards somewhere where you can hear water. For some reason only bits of your hearing is amplified.

Then something stirs in your mind as you are filling the cup that appeared in your hand. Something about this is familiar.

Something slow and lumbering passes you. You turn your head to look at what it is, and see something reflecting back at you. Wait, reflecting. That mean you are looking in a ...


Your heart stops. This is what you've become, is it? One of those servants that you saw during dinner? Dinner! Your memories start flooding back now. Yes, that was it! You were having dinner with a sleek black shape. An animal, you remember. A dog? No, something smaller. A cat?

Yes, that was it. A smooth-talking cat. The cat had magic, that was right. How stupid are you? You think a cat had magic and could talk? Then you remember how the cat threw a flash of purple dust over you, and then you forgot stuff.

The horrible cat!

The End

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