Run away

The situation is impossible to get out of, as you can obviously see. The only option is to run away.

The cat eyes you. "You aren't going to... attempt anything, are you?" the cat asks.

"No! Of course not," you say, not very convincingly. It's almost as if the cat can read your mind.

"Good, because if you do, something very bad is going to happen to you."

You gulp. You'll have to endure it, though, because there isn't any other way out of the situation.

You decide to pretend that you are going to pay the cat until the very last minute, which is when you escape.

"I'll leave you to him/her," the cat says, waving at the hooded man, "so he can teach you how to summon up your magical powers and give them to me."

The cat stalks out of the room, leaving you with that strange man.

He whips out his silky thread. Follow me.

Hey, wait a minute. He was talking before, you were almost sure of it! You stare him down.

"Why aren't you talking now when you were talking before?" you say, trying to sound intimidating.

"Why?" the man says, before covering his mouth.

"You are such a phoney."

"No, I'm really not. I can sometimes speak, and sometimes not."

"Sure, sure," you say, knowing he is definitely a phoney.

"Exactly. I knew you'd see the light of it," the man says, smiling. Then he whips out his hand again. Follow me. I will teach you how to summon up your inner powers then donate them to Madam.

"Donate?" you scoff. "So I'm doing it of my own free will, am I?"

"Yes," the man says, then starts walking towards the door of that gigantic room. If you don't follow me you'll get lost.

You feel the breeze ruffling your hair. Wait, a breeze? You turn, and see that there is an open window.

The End

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