The cat says you have to pay for it

The cat eyes you disgustedly. "Pig."

"Hey," you say, offended. You're about to say something cutting back about the cat being a pig, too, when you realize that you haven't even seen the cat eat anything yet.

"You do realize that you must pay for this, right?" the cat says, smirking.


"Yeah, what did you think? I'm not some give-away charity hamper! I run this place like a hotel, you know! I need to pay for all these servants and fine dining!"

"But you can just magic up the food, or the money!" you say.

"Yeah, but that money and food always disappears after a while. You don't want to be stuffing yourself and thinking you're getting full when suddenly your stomach becomes empty again. That would be such a waste. The laws of magic are complicated, you know. You can't just do something with a click of your fingers," the cat says. Then, almost as if proving herself wrong, she clicks her paws together and calls for one of the servants to come to her.

The servant comes towards her, stumbling for some odd reason, like he's carrying some sort of invisible burden. He has this strangely blank look in his gaze.

"Yes, madam?" his voice comes out all weird and blurred, like someone speaking underwater.

"I want you to take away all these plates. The meal is finished."

"Very well," the weird servant says, then starts taking away the plates. His arms are all floppy, and his eyes are unfocused. Other servants come, too, taking the plates like him.

"Money, please," the cat demands again, turning to you.

"What, so you drag me over here, force me to stay against my wishes, and now expect me to pay when I'm obviously penniless? I'm an author for goodness sake, did you expect me to have money?" you say.

"My crystal ball says you will have a lot, and very soon into the future, too," the cat says.

"So all you do all day is spy on people through your crystal ball, is that it?" you say, outraged. "Then expect them to pay for all your 'troubles'?"

"Yes. That's how the world keeps spinning, my dear. Not everyone works, but they get just as much money as the next person."

The cat is ruthless. You must either find a way out of this situation, or pay her.

The End

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