follow her

Sighing, knowing that you're momentarily -- stress momentarily -- defeated, you follow the cat.

The hooded man follows after you, like some freaky trailing monster. You try not to think of those things as you follow the cat.

The cat stops after going back through those twisting corridors again. This time you stop at a huge mess hall. It is gleaming and polished, but for some reason, it just looks... odd. Like it's out of place, or something.

Then it hits you. You know why the whole place just feels odd, weird. It's because everything is like you've just stepped into the Victorian era, with funny little velvet chairs and huge vast spaces made of wood.

"Sit down at this chair," the cat jumps gracefully onto a chair and leaps off before you can sit on her.

You sit, feeling odd now that you know what is wrong with the place. Even the table seems out of date, like the wood is old-fashioned or something.

The cat claps her paws together, making an amazingly loud sound. "Food, please."

People start streaming in from all sides, each carrying a steaming dish of something-or-other. It's like they're coming from hidden doors or something.

"Are those people real?" you ask in awe.

"Yes, these people aren't magical. It would take too much magic to conjure them all, and one needs servants," the cat says.

"Wow," you say, "I've never had servants before!"

"Great. Get used to it," the cat says, then turns away to look at all the food being laid before her. Everything looked so delicious, and you realize that you're actually really hungry.

"May I begin to eat?" you ask, trying the polite approach.

The cat stares at you as if you've just said something in a foreign language.

"Duh," the man says, taking a seat and starting to each. "Pig out, man."

He suddenly just turned hippie. Weird. You look carefully at the food. It might be poisoned. Your growling stomach makes you plough on carelessly. You wolf down the food like you've never eaten before, not caring how bad you look in front of these total strangers.

The food is delicious. When you've eaten your fill and can fit no more, you sit back, contented.

The End

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