a bedroom

The bedroom is so huge that you can hardly believe that it's a bedroom. There are rich velvet curtains blocking out the sunlight, and lit candles on all the terraces of the corners of the room to light it.

If there's sunlight, why bother to light it with candles and block out the sunlight? you think, but say nothing. When one is in the power of another, one does not mock that person.

The middle of the room is dominated by a vast amount of bed. Your eyes alight upon it, thinking of how wonderful sleep would be at the end of your weary journey.

"This is your new room," the cat says, climbing onto the windowsill and pushing open the curtains. With a click of her paws, the candles all extinguish.

"Magic," you whisper, forgetting all about the part how it is your room.

"Yes," the cat says, "and you will soon be learning it too, for you have powers." She seems slightly disgruntled about that, but you reckon that it's only because she hates you.

Finally the part about it being your room penetrates your brain. "Wait a minute, you expect me to stay here? What about my cosy house? What about my family? What will they say? They'll wonder where I am, and what do I have to say about it? That I'm staying in a magical mansion?"

"At least you aren't being chased for being red-handed," the cat smirks.

"Hey," you say, slightly embarrassed, "how did you know about that?"

"I just do," the cat says, glancing upwards innocently. You

The End

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