say nothing

You say nothing, even though inside, you're boiling with rage and want to hit him, yell at him, scream, or do anything, really, to vent your anger. You're sick of being ignored. If you are that wonderful thing that he says you are, why is he ignoring you? He could be meant to be worshipping you, for all you know.

"Please," you say, trying not to give away how angry you are with him. "Could you please answer my question?"

He turns to look at you, eyebrow raised and in a perfect poise. "You really want to know?"

Swallowing, you nod.

"You, my dear, are something totally different altogether. I am pretty sure you aren't immortal, but you're close enough. You have magic in you, magic which I can hone in my castle, thanks to your wise decision to come with me."

"But ..."

"Silence," the man puts up a gloved hand to stop you. "No more questions, please. These things are strenuous to answer, you must understand."

Strenuous? Answering questions is strenuous? Pah, and you thought he was some special dude with nice powers.

"I heard that," the man says, glaring at you. You gasp.

"You're a mind reader?" you say, surprised.

The man...

The End

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