a castle in the sky

It becomes a castle in the sky. It is a beautiful, shimmering thing, and you long to touch it.

"Will you come with me?" the man asks you.

"Where to?" you ask.

"To that castle. To my home, and to your destiny."

His words sound grand, but you can't help but feel just a tiny bit suspicious.

"How can I be sure that it is your home? Or that I won't be in danger if I do follow you? How do you even know my destiny?"

"Because it was the destiny of many others before you who were like you," the man explains with calm patience.

"Like me? What are you saying?"

"You are special. You do not already know that?" the man asks, genuinely surprised.

"No, of course not! No one ever told me."

"Then you must learn, musn't you? The only way to do that is to follow me up to my castle. Then I can teach you there. I cannot do it when any lowly mortal can eavesdrop."

"Lowly mortal?" you ask, horrified. "What are you talking about? Are you suggesting that we're better than them?"

"Of course we are better than them, my dear. Why else do you think I am inviting you up to my kingdom? I would never do that for just anyone."

You nod, looking up at the wonderful sight of the castle spread out above you. "Must I go? Do I have a choice?"

"Do I look like I'm forcing you?"

You take a deep breath. Do you really want to do this? Who knows the dangers of following him up there? You open your mouth.

"I have decided that..."

The End

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