You yell at him to go away

"Go away, would you? I don't keep the company of strange old men!" you yell at him. He stares at you in bafflement as the words sink in.

"You... you just yelled at me!" the old man says in quiet disbelief. "You yelled at Dumbledore!"

You're confused. "Er, hello? This isn't Harry Potter. This is strange old men on my doorstep. Earth to old man, Earth to old man."

"You think I'm an old man?!" the old man says.

"Er... yes?" you guess.

"INSULT!!!" the old man says, clearly not seeing that he is an old man. "AIOJEFIJ!!!!"

Whatever that was, you didn't make it out.


"What is that?!" you say.

"The Alphabet Spell!"

"The Alphabet Spell?" you say, then there's a flash of purple-sparkly stuff, and...

The End

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