I'm hungry and cold. Can I go inside?

The fluffy chicken who lives under your bed stares, aghast. "Insolence from the Chosen One! Unbelievable!"

You shrug smugly. "I'm usually unbelievable."

"I rather think you just invented something," the fluffy chicken who lives under your bed says.

"Fluffy chickens?" you guess.

"Wrong!" the fluffy chicken says. "You invented insolence."

"Wow," the policeman stares up at you in awe.

"Well, now that everyone is worshipping me and everything, I have a few questions I want to ask," you say. "Firstly, why do you look like you're a gingerbread man when you are actually a fluffy chicken who lives under my bed?"

"Good point," says the fluffy chicken/gingerbread man. "Well, it's because..." the gingerbread man-looking thing turns to the policeman. "Fred, why is this?"

"Because you ate something off?" he suggests.

"Not quite..."

"Because you got transformed by a witch?" the policeman, Fred, says.


"Because you got transformed by yourself?"


"BECAUSE YOU WERE BORN THAT WAY!!" the policeman says, starting to get annoyed. "Just say that!"

The chicken looks at him, offended. "I was not born that way."

You are getting confused. You decide to explore your magical powers, if you have any.

"So," you say, slowly, trying to comprehend this. "Do you think I could make something true by saying it? I mean, I am the chosen one and all."

"Of course you can, oh Chosen One!" the chicken says.

"So, I'll pick a reason and say it, and that will be how you became a chicken/gingerbread man," you say.

"I knew you were one of infinite wisdom," the chicken says. Fred the policeman just gazes admiringly at you.

Your reason is...

The End

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