“Meh,” you say with a shrug, looking around at the forest you have been driven to. Somehow, the policeman has driven off, leaving you with nothing but the fluffy chicken, who stands tapping its foot at you. “I’m not really into the whole ‘you must worship me’ clique.”

“Whyever not? I was going to worship you unconditionally, you know.”

You stare at the fluffy chicken, considering you answer.

“Being told I’m the Chosen One…it’s just not…magical enough.”

“Magical?” the chicken retorts. “What’s so great about magic?”

“Well, it’s shiny, and you can do tricks with it.Ping!”

“What else?”

“Well, not much else,” you admit, “but with a bit of magic I could go back home.”

“Ha!” the fluffy chicken snaps, before stopping and staring at you again. “Wait, what? You could just ask me if you want to go home. I’d happily help you.”

“Yeah, right!” you laugh.

“Okay, fine, I lied. I’m meant to keep guard of you. I can’t send you home yet.”

“You always could. I’m a pretty boring person to guard.”

“Never!” the chicken glares, but you can see that already its guard is faltering.

You peer around at the forest. It’s not much of a forest, tatty trees line the way and you can see a distinct path, but the path seems to feed back into the forest. If only there was a way to escape…

The End

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