A gingerbread house

Your stomach grumbles as soon as you see it, but you keep quiet and wait to see what the policeman will do.

"Get out of the car."

You obediently get out of the car, stepping onto a wet a swampy floor. Eww, you think, this is totally gross.

The door of the gingerbread house opens, and someone comes out of it. You stare, hoping you don't look too weird. Could it be true? There's this wonderful gingerbread man complete with chocolate buttons and delicious-looking chocolate drop eyes.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" the gingerbread man says, laughing evilly. "Another red-handed thief, I see."

You swallow nervously. "Red-handed thief?" you manage to squeak out, realizing how pathetic you sound.

"Silence!" barks the policeman, and you mime zipping up your mouth and turning a key.

"Throw away the key, please," the gingerbread man says in an oddly polite way. It sends shivers up your spine. You quickly throw away the imaginary key, and stomp on it for good luck.

"I forgot to introduce myself, sorry," the gingerbread man says. "I am the ..."

The End

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