An old stone castle surrounded by guards and complete with a queen out the front

"Woah! That is one complete castle!" you exclaim.

"Out," the policeman growls, opening the door for you. Sighing, you get out of the car. Then you see a pair of sparkling red shoes. Your eyes travel up, up, up until they rest on a familiar face.

Who cares about the complete castle when there is a queen out the front of it?

"Your majesty!" you say, getting to your knees. Do you bow or what?

"Your weakling peasant," the queen says sarcastically, rolling her eyes. "Get up, would you?"

You swallow, and get up, looked at the queen's majestic face. Eww, you think, she's actually quite fat.

"Into my castle!" the queen said, gesturing at the huge wrought iron gates behind her.

The End

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