A Rainbow-Coloured Ladder

It’s a ladder at least.

You breathe a sigh of relief as your eyes alight on it, and you instantly begin to climb, tilted so far forward that you are almost horizontally climbing on all fours. You don’t seem to care that you have no idea where- to what place- this multi-coloured, sparkling ladder is taking you; you are just happy to be off that roof and its danger. Looking back, you spot the figure of your friend, so far away now that all you can identify is her movement of confusion searching behind the chimney for an intruder. Eventually, all she becomes is a tiny blot on the horizon.

Still, you continue climbing.

By now, when your head begins to touch against the cloud-precipitation, you start to become curious about where you are headed. Just when you think you might turn around and proceed back, the ladder stops short in front of your hands. With one rung left, you observe the new landscape around you, seemingly made out of the clouds themselves, despite the fact that you could not have travel upwards more than a metre, due to the tilt of the ladder. Your friend’s house really was that high!

Though worried, you tentatively begin to crawl off the ladder, now fast disappearing, and onto the foam of cloud ahead.

“Welcome…” a soft voice whispers, and what’s not quite a hand is dropped into your view.

The End

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