The door remains shut.

The door remains shut. The white-eyed man knocks again. Nothing. And again. And again, this time with a hint of urgency.

Still, nothing happens. The man throws out his hand to release the thread, and it disappears into the house through one of the windows so quickly you don't have time to read it.

Finally, someone opens the door. It is a ... cat??? Once you get over your initial shock, you start noticing its features. The cat is a sleek Siamese one, with silky black fur. To your surprise, it opens its mouth and starts speaking.

"So this is the unfortunate one?" the voice comes out is smooth and sleek, just like the cat. It is a woman's voice, that of a pleasant, beautiful woman that one expects only to see on TV.

The man throws out his hand again. I wouldn't say unfortunate. This one is gifted to have the gift of the Red LeRose. But nevertheless, I've finally found the one! Here, right at your doorstep is a gifted one.

The cat snorts. "Immense power lies at the fingertips of what? A mere child?" You observe that the cat seems to have taken a disliking for you.

The silky thread forms words again. Aside from that, may we come in? Who knows, we might be able to train this one yet.

The cat grumbles but nevertheless steps aside to let you in. You see....

The End

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