It turns round and speaks to you.

The figure turns around, whipping its black cape with it. The figure seems like a young woman, but for some reason you know that there is something odd about it. You know that the figure is older than she seems. 

She has long, silver hair, and eyes which are an unnerving white. She stares at you, making you shiver. Then she opens her mouth, and a silky voice drifts out.

"What do you want?"

You shiver, feeling the sound wrap around you. There is something unnatural about this person.

"Who are you?" You counter back with a question of your own. The figure starts laughing, a light, twinkling sound. 

"Two in one," she says. Something odd happens. She starts shimmering about the edges, blurring into her background. The shimmer starts closing in on her, making her smaller and smaller. She is nearly gone when there is a flash, and she is replaced by a young man.

He has deep brown eyes, and tousled hair. But like the young woman, you can tell he is older than he seems.

You are about to ask your question again when he throws out his hand, and a thin, silky thread drifts from it.  

The End

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