Go To The Roof

The dark, flat-topped roof calls to you, its sleek body reflecting the midday sun. Perfect for sunbathing, you notice. Slowly, and still ever more carefully, you push on up to the roof, past a tentacle creeping out of the third-floor window, your feet clattering on each rung as you head upwards to the sky.

You give one more push and jump onto the roof, the ladder and one of your plimsolls clattering away down to the patio so very far below. You are stuck. At least you can see the whole neighbourhood from here, including your own house. You have never before realised how tall the structure your friend lives in is.

Suddenly, you hear the sound of a window sliding open below. Your friend! She mustn’t know that you’re up here! You hear the sound of footsteps below; your heart begins to beat faster. She is coming up!

You must hide form you friend…but where? The roof seems to be so bare.

However you notice a few objects across the other side…

The End

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