Continue To The Third Floor

Disregarding everything your friend has ever told you, you make a break for it, pushing past her window, and onwards to the third floor, a corridor spreading out beneath your sharp gaze as you push open the sliding window.

As you step down, you look around you, noticing the wild foliage that seems to spring up everywhere. Surely it’s not possible inside? The check the roots of the green, thick-leaved plants; there is no doubt that they are growing out of the ground, the green carpet becoming less and less furry the further you wander inside.

There are still the walls of the house though, definitely, despite the fact that they are becoming covered in soil and metallic the further you go.

Soon, you can no longer see the exit. There is no going back now; you are sure of that matter, so you push through a particularly creepy (in both senses of the word) plant and onwards.

And you see it now. As impossible as it seems in your friend’s home, you are definitely inside…

The End

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