You make more wishes

“You know what I wish?” you tell the random voice that may or may not be playing tricks on your mind. “I wish that this pen would start writing my Protagonize story for me. That would make life so much easier!”

And, indeed, the pen picks itself up, floating over your keyboard. As if it were a finger, it drops down onto the keys, leaving a trail of letters behind on your Protagonize ‘write new chapter’ screen.

“This is crazy!” the voice that may or may not be in your head declares, but you ignore it with a swish of the hand.

You chuckle, watching the pen as it attempts to hit the correct keys. Far from being worried, however, you simply nod once it is done, declaring:

“I wish there were no spelling mistakes.”

And bam! That actually happens. You fist-punch the air for a moment, doing a crazy dance.

What do you wish for next?

The End

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