See Ja'cko

You step into the portal. You can find out who's backyard it is some other time, it can definitely wait.

You feel the familiar dizzy swirling feeling, and you know the portal is working. You don't stop to consider what you would do if you knew it wasn't working.

Then the sucking feeling comes. It is the weirdest feeling you have ever felt, and you know you couldn't explain it for a million dollars. Actually, you couldn't explain it for a billion dollars and a Ferrari. But anyway, you know that you are going to arrive in your destination soon because of that sucking feeling.

Soon, all feelings stop. It is silent and marshy. (Marshy?)

You step out into the serene landscape. Yep, it sounds marshy alright, and it looks marshy too. There is a bog somewhere off into the distance, you remember. Then somewhere along the horizon line there is a patch where buffalos eat. That is where you are headed.

You shiver in the cold night air. You wrap your arms a bit tighter around yourself. Mostly because it's cold, but it's also a bit.. y'know, TOTALLY FREAKY!!!!! I mean, being by yourself on a cold, cold day in a weird, weird place is pretty freaky, right?

You keep walking until you end up at a intersection. There is a dirt path leading off to your left, and a fully-built road heading off to your right. You choose the left path, feeling the dirt and pebbles crunch under your bare feet. Why didn't you bring shoes? Then you remember: they'd fall off during that swirly time in the portal. That's why. Maybe you aren't that stupid after all.

While you're congratulating yourself and at the same time multi-tasking (by walking along the road), the sky turns into a milky hue. Pretty weird, huh? But, somehow, you brave this road five times a week.

You finally find the buffalos, and sprint towards them. The quick sprint exhilarates you, and you are grateful for the warmth it provides.

There, surrounded as always by a bunch of buffalos, is Ja'cko, who is...

The End

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