Book a flight to Hawaii for a holiday

"Ok," your pen says. There is an awkward silence for a few moments, then your pen speaks again. "Like what?" 

You shrug. "Like booking a flight to Hawaii."

"Hawaii, hey?" your pen says, pausing for a moment to stare off into space (or that's what it looks like, anyway). "Nice."

"I'll go get the phone book," you say, moving off to get the phone book. 

"Wait a moment here," your pen says, stopping you in your tracks. "Why are you trying to call Hawaii from a phone book? Shouldn't you just go to the airport?"

You are about to explain that you will be calling the travel agency when you find yourself nodding in agreement. "You've got a good point there, pen, and this must be some sort of dark magic because I'm certainly not saying this from my own free will."

"I am not as skilled as my parents in dark magic, I admit," the pen says. "But I still can do it. I was just testing out my powers on you. Be honoured that someone as great as I is doing that to you, of all people."

"Wait, back up there," you say. "Dark magic? As in, magic magic?"

"Let's just go to the airport. Tuck me in your pocket, now," the pen says, rolling itself over to you.

You sigh. "Fine. But you'll have a lot of explaining to do once we're on the plane."


You were making a deal in the first place? You decide to ignore that fact and...

The End

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