Your pen insists that you finish off the burial by scooping eraser dust on it

"Uh uh uh," your pen says. "We need to finish off the burial."

You groan. "Right. And I guess erasers have burials too, don't they? And sharpeners and paper clips."

"No, actually," your pen replies. "Erasers just rub away, and that's the end of them. Whereas us pens, we are the respectable ones. We use the eraser dust to bury something, put dead erasers to good use."

You stand there in disbelief. So here you are, talking to a talking pen, who wants to bury someone with the stationary equivalent to human's ashes. Seriously gross.

"Well whatever then, let's get it over and done with."

"Well actually, you see here, owner, it takes four days," your pen replies sheepishly.

"Four days!?!" you freak out. "We're going to bury a pen in eraser dust for four days?!"

"But ah I'm sure we can cut it down to two minutes," your pen says hastily.

"Good," you say, still breathing hard with your nostrils inflamed. You tend to do that sometimes.

"But we have to cut its hair."

"ITS HAIR?!!!!? Pens don't have HAIR!"

"Well, it does... kind of - "

"Skip it, will ya?"

Your pen nods. Its funny how they can do that. You don't really see them do it, you kind of notice them doing it.

Your pen hops over to your sketchbook, where there's bound to be some eraser dust. You aren't really the best of sketchers. Sure enough, your pen finds some eraser dust to put to good use. You don't know how it does that, knowing where to go. You're a human, and even you don't usually know where to go to find stuff.

Your pen scoops it up. "Bring the old fella over here, will ya? And careful, don't jostle him, the poor ol' thing!"

You sigh and do your pen's bidding. Your pen! Something must be seriously wrong with this world.

You prop the old pen up on your pencilcase. Then, by your pen's orders, you put it back down on your desk, lying face down (you don't know where it's face is, but you're assuming what your pen says is right). Then, you make a little box for it.

Your pen uses the eraser dust to pour over your busted one, which started leaking ink. Then it starts intoning something or other.

"... Penam," it finishes.

"Would you stop doing that? It's annoying."

"Whatever. Penam."

"I said - ... never mind." If you're going to have to do this for every pen which you've chucked out or finished with, you'll go mad. Unless...

The End

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