starts to hover

Oooooh... freaky. You start freaky out, big time.

"W-w-why is the pen going all funny?" you manage to squeak to yourself. You look away, hoping that by the time you look back nothing will have happened.

It works! By the time you look back, the pen is back to its normal position. You scrutinize it. You wonder how it did that. Then, it starts hovering again. Ah, you think you know what is happening now.

You test your theory for a few times, and you're right! Every time you stare at your pen, it hovers! Totally, ridiculously, awesome!!!!

So, what should you do with you new-found powers? Go and hover some cars? Nah... You wonder what you could do that could be fun, but not going too far....

Well, really, there isn't anything that is fun but not going too far, so you can do basically anything. Unless you want to be a safe person.

The End

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