he chucks your wand at you

"You can have it," the Maestro says, chucking his wand to you. Or rather, your wand to you.

"Wh-what?" you stutter, just managing to catch the wand.

"See ya everrrybody! I'm going to Havwaiiii!" the Maestro says, then walks off the stage, ripping off his costume to reveal a Hawiian shirt with palm trees all over it and loose pants.

You stare at the wand in horror. What are you supposed to do with it? In fact, is there anything you can do with it?

"Maestro, maestro, maestro," the crowd starts chanting. You join in before you realize that they're chanting for you.

"Uh, I don't know any magic tricks," you say, sweat starting to form on your brow.

They keep chanting that chant. "Maestro, maestro, maestro."

The End

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