something flashes from the tip of it

boom! Flashing lights crowd the edge of your eyes. You wonder why someone decided to hold fireworks in your house.

"Hello?" you say, but then you realise you aren't in your house. You are in someone else's house, or so you think.

"'ello, 'ello, meesterrrr and missurrrrs," a grand maestro steps out onto a raised platform. Your vision clears. You are in a circus!

"Ve velcome you to our verrrrrrrrry own cirrrcuss!"

You look around you. Everyone seems glued to their seats. Literally. They are all staring at their bottoms in horror.

"I see you've rrrrrrrrealissed ourrr verrrrry own trrrrrrrick!" the maestro says, and with a flourish, he produces a wand out of nowhere. It looks just like your wand! You look at yours to check, but it isn't there. It is your wand!

"Don't vorrrry, Massterrr Maestrrrro vill hellp you!" then, he flicks your wand and everyone starts sighing in relief. They have become unstuck.

You stare at the Maestro in amazement. Then...

The End

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