Ask her if she can re-tach the tongue

She stares at you. "Are you CRAZY?!? You think I can do magic or something??!!!"

"Umm.... well..." you mumble. Well, you were kind of hoping that she could do magic. But then again, better not to get your hopes up next time.Next time? What are you talking about next time? Well maybe you can do it again! It'll be fun! But waaay too death-defying...

While you are having this argument with yourself, Gretel is standing with her hands on her hips.

"You know, I can do magic."

You look up. "Waaaay to death-defying."

"Excuse me?'

"I-I mean..." you stutter.

"Sure! Why not?'

You stand there looking confused. "Band-aid?"

"No, duct tape! Or would you prefer sticky tape?"

The whole conversation seemed silly, so you...

The End

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