Bloody Kate - End (Part 3)Mature

Griever paused from sipping his amazing soup. "Kill her in front of you?" he asked, almost wishing he could believe it with how angry she looked. "That's like something from a story. Rather, isn't that just bait to lure you into saving her? She'd probably already dead."

"Not one for talking pleasantry, are you?" Kate shot at him, malice ruining her expression.

"I lived with a bunch of mercenaries for the last decade," he said flatly. "And the rare women who joined the Boars were not the kind you take to bed or pamper. They were warriors with a personality that put most men to shame." Griever finished off his soup and poured himself some more. "So no, I'm not one for sympathy."

Kate's eyes narrowed, but she said nothing more. Instead, she went off into the woods, leaving an unspoken threat should Griever follow. Not that he wanted to. Damnation, they were cousins! Did she think he was THAT depraved? Well, it mattered not. He could deal with that urge when they hit a town.

'That will be an interesting sight.'

Griever cursed. "Nearly forgot you were there. What do you mean?"

'Come now, bonded. I have never actually seen the mating process of you humans. It will be quite interesting to see such a-'

"Shut up! Damn, you're annoying. What makes you think I'll let you?" 

'What makes you think you have the power to stop me?' Bash seemed to chuckle, to Griever's annoyance. 

"Damn Gear."

'It's not like you have done-'

"Say another word and I'll throw Jadencaer into the ocean." Griever hated that someone - or rather, an annoying something - had access to literally every moment of his own damn life. He didn't even have that! And his thoughts being read as well.... Damnation!

But there was no denying the power that Bash presented him. To others, Jadencaer's ability over levitation was probably better, but Griever knew the importance of healing. It was ingrained into his mind by the White Boar himself, after all. Nearly a tenth of the Boars were specialized in first aide and hung back for that alone. Everyone else in the army was also trained, but only enough to treat anything minor. It was what made the White Boars so powerful. 

Well, that, and the strategic minds of the leaders. Griever considered himself a strategic man on the battlefield, but not even he could come close to Captain White or even Falke. It wasn't easy to admit, but he had a lot to learn. 

"So, going to tell me what that was about?"

Griever saw Kate as she walked out of the woods. Her hair was wet and her clothes seemed cleaner. She had bathed, then? "No."

Kate shook her head. "In any case, maybe I should hold on to the other Gear."

'It might be ideal,' Bash agreed. 

Too bad Griever didn't. "No. I don't trust you and I don't plan on letting this Gear go anywhere." Except maybe the bottom of the ocean. It was too risky to carry around. If he was defeated by one of Droil's goons, they could take it and find someone to use it again. 

Man, this was starting to sound like a corny fairy tale. Some evil lord did something bad and now the hero has to get justice. Now Griever, as said hero, was supposed to gather allies and get his revenge/ justice. Sadly, life was more harsh than fairy tales. It was a possibility that this Kate was an enemy, despite her being related. 

"Suit yourself." Kate sighed, then took her seat and another bowl of soup. The chain connecting herself to the pot, which was her gear, had somehow changed sizes as she went and came. 

'You better not throw Jadencaer into the ocean, bonded. I don't HAVE to heal you.'

'I'm starting to consider it,' he told the Gear honestly, 'But I won't. Not as long as I don't have to. I can't have more gears against me.' Griever glanced at Kate, who was sipping hot soup and watching him as well. 'Plus, if what she said is true, then we have five gears against our two already. Care to take a guess as to what we are against?'

'Well... it's hard to say. I can only identify another so-called gear when I come into contact with them through you. The Dove, as you call him, was not with us when I was finished bonding you, so I cannot ascertain his Gear from your memories.'

'Fair enough. So just get close enough for you to sense them. Simple. Simple as sticking my hand into a lion's mouth and hoping it doesn't get chomped off.' But not impossible, at least.

'That sounds dull.'

Griever sighed. 'Life is rarely how it sounds anymore.' 

'So what do we do with her, seeing as how you don't trust her?' Bash sounded more curious than concerned, as per the usual.

'We watch her and let her help us. If the worst comes to fruition, then I'll kill her myself.'

'You would slay your family?'

Griever grinned to himself. 'She's my cousin. She isn't my family. Learn the difference, Gear.'

The End

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