Bloody Kate - Part 3 (Part 2)Mature

Dammit! Griever jumped out of the chair he had been sitting in and forced it into a sword’s shape just as the arrow planted itself into the ground. He was surprised more by the fact that the arrow had disappeared into the ground than a woman had done it. How powerful was that bow!?

‘On the bright side, as you humans say, I know the identity of the Gear she possesses.’

Griever closed the distance and swung his blade, only to meet open air and then the ground as his cousin ducked and tripped him. He barely managed to roll out of the way before another arrow disappeared into the ground where he had been. Bloody hells!

‘And, pray tell, what is it?’

‘Lienfal, Lord of Enhancement. I’m not positive about the specifics of her power, but I can guess it’s the reason that this Katherine Twynam can shoot that bow.’

“Fuck!” Griever cursed, barely managing to back out of the way of what seemed like a whole VOLLEY of arrows literally sinking into the ground where he was. Kate had managed to jump into the air at insane heights and unleash her arrows freely without fear of Griever’s knives. He could have thrown them as he circled the woman, but he didn’t hare risk losing one of his only means of fighting without a sure shot.

Damn his luck! He was seriously getting tired of these ‘happenstances’ that seemed to occur one after another. He was the only survivor of a slaughter, then he was miraculously given a power by some mind-reading bastard with a cloak, then his new companion was a mind reader, and he was even attacked by someone ELSE with an equally crazy power! Now he was fighting an archer with ANOTHER fucking Gear who happened to be a wanted killer probably and his own cousin! When did it stop!?

‘You’re too melodramatic,’ Bash said. Griever growled at the Gear as he dodged arrows, getting cut in the process by the closeness of them. ‘Though, even I have to admit this is quite odd. And I’ve heard of birds gambling.’

Griever ignored the Gear. He needed to stop Kate. From what he saw, she still had half a quiver of arrows left, though that didn’t help in the least. He was only able to dodge the missiles due to how close he was and his view of the bow. Despite its large size, though, it was popping out attacks faster than most woodsman he had seen. While that was good for Griever in the long run, he doubted he could last long enough to see her arrows run out. However…

‘Why don’t you just explain yourself?’

Griever grunted. ‘She will assume it’s another lie.’

‘It could not hurt to try, bonded,’ Bash insisted. Well, no arguing with that. It was time he could buy, at the very least.

“Wait!” Griever shouted just before the woman could jump up once more and unleash hell. “Just wait a second!”

Kate stayed on the ground, but kept an arrow pointed at Griever. From the length drawn back… Well, let’s just say he might get knocked out from the impact alone, let alone die from the hole he would gain. “You ready to talk?” She pulled the bowstring back like it was nothing, letting Griever know of the insinuated threat. “Because I’m all ears.”

‘She has got to have Lien’s Gear,’ Griever’s Gear said, sounding actually a little worried. ‘In order to pull back that bowstring, she would have to be able to pull around one hundred and eighty pounds of pressure apart. And after examining the ease at which she does this, I would guess she has almost twice the strength you do right now.’

‘Thanks for making her seem like MORE of a threat, Bash.’

“We are not enemies,” Griever told her, trying a more simple approach. “There’s no reason for this fight. Let’s just walk away, OK?”

An amused smile crossed what Griever could see of Kate’s face. “You pretend to be a Fae king, tell me my mother’s name and expect me to let you?” She barked a laugh, not taking her aim off of him for a moment. “We are not enemies, true, but you are a threat I cannot allow to leave here.”

Griever sighed. “I know those things because you are my cousin.” It was a last ditch effort to get out of this meaningless fight and get on to finding and killing that bastard Droil.

“Well, that’s a desperate lie, stranger,” Kate all but snapped. “Next thing you know you’ll be trying to convince me that we were allies in a past life or maybe you’re really the King of Lighthaven himself!” The bow she held groaned as it tightened some more. “Why don’t you just tell me who sold you that information and I’ll let you go as a cripple.”

‘She’s not buying it! I told you, you stupid Gear!’

‘Do not insult the Lord of Wounds! I’m the reason you’re not bleeding out from the arrows you were too busy to dodge!’ Bash shouted. ‘Plus, who would believe that? You need to give her evidence! Tell her some stories or something!’

‘Aren’t you supposed to be all-knowing?’ Greiver shot back.

‘Sadly, my fellow Gear and I have a major design flaw; we can only focus on one thing at a time. Though, we learned to overcome this for the most part – I assume the others did just like me – we still make mistakes.’

Greiver could have laughed at his ‘almighty’ gear then, if not for the arrow knocked and ready to probably tear his head off. Women.  ‘Guess you’re more human than you let on, Bash.’ How to proceed? On the battlefield, he had the luck to have two options; kill or flee. Of course, dying was a third option, it was just never one even the battle-crazed Bloodfist openly risked.

‘You’ve foolishly risked your life plenty of times, you just didn’t THINK you were,’ Bash corrected, annoying Griever as usual. ‘And there is no one without flaw. I just have one, instead of the hundreds you have.’

‘Now is not the time to argue!’

“You talking to your Gear?”  Greiver stared at Kate through her weathered mask. She smiled playfully, then continued to talk. “I’m not stupid. I’ve seen your wounds close from the last fight. I know you have Bashenthar, the Lord of Wounds, and it’s obvious what it gives you. Lien tells me you probably had your Gear dig through your memories to grab some obscure evidence on me, too.”

No use hiding it. “It seems we are at an impasse, then.”

The End

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