The Red Eyed Monster

Little Elie Marts must over come her fear if she is ever to beat the red eyed monster.

Page One

    Little Elie Marts walked down the darkened side walk.  All of the houses had dark windows.   Rain begun to fall and Elie started to wish she had taken the offer of getting a ride home from her friend's father, but Elie had told him that she would walk.  Well, it's to late now. she thought.  Arms wrapped around herself Elie continued to walk.

     She couldn't help but think she was being watched.  She stopped under a street light and around.  There dark window were motionless and everything was quite.  Again she began to walk.  A block later she stopped again, completely sure someone of something was watching.  She looked across the street in the opening of an ally way.  That's when she saw it.

   Red eyes looked back at her.  The thing looked kind of like a giant dog.  Its black, matted fur was wet form rain.  The smell coming from it was like raw sewage.  Little Elie Marts ran for her life.  With beast right behind her.  She heard the monster's foot steps, felt his breath on the back of her neck.  Just a little farther. Keep going almost there. she thought.  She ran up the block, to her front porch, and into the house, slamming the door behind her and locking it. She pared out the window.  The thing sat there on the sidewalk, looking at her with those red eyes.  His tongue licking his lips.  Then he threw his big head back and gave out a horrible laugh.

   The thing got up and started down the street, disappearing into the darkness.  Elie sat on the sofa, her knees pulled to her and cried.  She cried so hard that her body shook with every sob.  Soon exhaustion took over and she fell into a deep, restless sleep.

   Run. Faster. Faster still. Was all she could think.  The creature, he was behind her. She could hear his footsteps, feel his nasty breath on her neck.  Hear his voice, telling her that she couldn't run forever. Run!

   Elie awoke with a jerk.  She was still on the sofa in the living room of her house.  Her father stood over her.  His eyes full of concern.  "Eli, are you okay?" he asked.  She nodded and sat up.  The clock on the wall read 6:30.  She needed to hurry if she was going to take a shower before school.


The End

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