The Red EyeMature

read and find out

 There were these boys camping in a forest near a lake. A man came out of the woods holding a knife he attacked the boys. One of the boys grabbed a flaming stick and stabbed the man in the eye. the man stumbled backwards, and fell into the lake. The boys never came back to that spot.

           Ten years later these other boys were having a bonfire in that exact same spot. They ran out of marshmallows so one of the boys went to the campsite to get some more. 30 minutes later he still wasn't back so the other boy went looking for him. Ten minutes later the boys were still not back. The third boy started to get scared when suddenly a giant green thing with one glowing red eye came out of the lake. The boy started to run threw bushes and brambles trying to get away from the red eyed beast. He tripped over a large bump on the ground he looked to see what he tripped over. It was the skinned body of one of his friends. He scrambled to get off the ground but the red eye stood above him. he stared in to the things eyes as it pulled out a rusted knife and held it to the boys neck. The boy pleaded with the thing not to kill him. The red eye slowly pulled the knife away from the boy, he grabbed the boy by the collar and dragged him across the forest floor. When the reached the fire he threw the boy in. He screame da horrible terrible scream. the thing just stood there and watched him suffer. He pulled the boy out still alive he had burns all over his body but the thing let the boy live. He would have to live his whole life with half his face gone. Children will point and cry parent will shreek in terror. It is all because of what the res eye did. To this day the boy goes out looking for the red eye to get his revenge



The End

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