The Red Butterfly.

Lalalalalalalalala, peanut butter and jelly. 
Lalalalalalalalala, filling up my belly.

Ooooh, look, a butterfly. It's so pretty. It has these strange markings on its wings which look like his eyes... wow, they're even the same blue as his...

It is him.
Has he turned in to a butterfly?
A red butterfly!

I want to be a butterfly too. Ooooh, I have wings! Let's fly, fly, fly!

Ouch, I just hit the ceiling. I mean, the trap door on the ceiling. Let's investigate, shall we?

It's my grandma's house! Hello, grandma!
Your hands look... manly.
Is that a knife...?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why am I chained to a school desk!?!
Shoot, that teacher has chalk. Chalk is bad. It makes noises like... OW, Ok, like THAT!
That's a rather red blackboard. 
A... redboard. Haha.

Maybe I can break the desk?

Hey it's him, and he's got an axe - wait. Why is he coming closer, why is he lifting the axe, oh crap, oh crap!...

Oh. He just broke the chains.
I'm free! Like a penguin.

Pingu just waved at me. 
Should I wave back?

Oh, what the heck.
There, Pingu smiled. Good.

This is an awfully dark alley... a familiar one.
Oh, well.
Is he here too?
Yeah, he is... and... he's on the floor?

Hey, a lady is pushing me on to a ferris wheel! Hey! Hey!

I don't like heights. But here I am.

Oh, great. It just had to stop at the top, didn't it?
Wow, those people look small. I think I'll look closer... OH CRAP, I'M FALLING, THIS IS THE END...!

Ooof. I survived.
Hey, he's touching me. Why is he - oh, he's dusting me off. That's sweet.
He's looking at me in such pain... is he screaming? 
Oh, God, I want to help him!...

Ok, everything's gone dark. Shoot, shoot, shoot. I can feel someone behind me...

Hey, that looks like Natalie Portman. I'm gonna follow her. 
She's doing ballet. It's really pretty. 
Oh! She's turning in to a swan! With black feathers!

(Why is Natalie Portman turning in to a swan, anyway?)

The lake is overflowing. Uh oh. Better run.
That feels weird, all wet and everything.

Hey, the lake water is red. That's... funny.
A little bit like blood.

Quite a lot like blood, to be honest.
But it's not blood.

Hey, a black feather! It must be Natalie Portman's.
Come to think of it, it looks more like hair...

It looks like his hair, doesn't it?

A lot like his hair.
But his hair is on his head.

That mannequin's hands look like his. The nails are almost identical.

Oooh, that beachball looks like his head! Heehee, it's bobbing up and down on the water like a beachball...

Hey, it's turning! Maybe it has a smiley face on it!

More like his face...?
It is his face.

I hear someone scream.
I think it's me.


Screaming could be heard from one of the rooms. A young man watched, horrified, but somewhat fascinated, as a few doctors ran inside and soon came out with a teenage girl in their arms, who was kicking and screaming, "NO! NO! THE WATER IS RED, IT'S BLOOD! IT'S BLOOD! YOU CAN'T BE DEAD, NO!"

The young man quavered.
"Does this happen every day?" he asked an older doctor.

"Oh, just to that girl," the doctor reassured him. "That's Scarlet. Subject to fits of fantasy and nightmares. She's traumatized."

"What happened?"

"I think she was a part of a gang rape...? Saw her boyfriend - Erik, was his name? - being grotesquely murdered and then dismembered. Hasn't been the same since."

The End

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