The red bus

about a red bus and trees and sheeps and whtever you want like munsters.

There was a bus and it was red and drove along the road and went very fast and it wobbled on the road and it was so fast it made the grass wobble and the driver was fat and was on drugs and was an alcoholic so he went all wrong an nearly crashed but it was ok in the end but he did nearly run over a princess so she fell over and had  cut knee which was bleeding blood that was VERY red but not red but like blue cause she was a princess then a tree was all green and stuff and the wind made the tree go whoosh and the wind was whooshing and whistling through the orange tree that wasnt green anymore becuz the princess did age magic on it so it was like awesome next to the tree there were lots of fluffy sheeps that were like lovely clouds in the summer sky cept it wasn't summer the end for now.

The End

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