Recording 3 - Part 1Mature

"-Panting of breath-

Recording 3...

Good god.. I could have sworn my heart was going to stop.. I ran all the way...

-Deep breaths-

Sorry, I ran all the way there, rushed around, and sprinted home. I don't even know why... I just thought I was... Did you ever get that feeling your being watched? I had that.

-More heavy breathing-

Oh god... Wheres my inhaler..?!? Damn it where did I....

-Rustic coughing and the sound of falling-

Oh shit.. Where.. the.... There!..

-Strong inhaling of air-

Thank god... I thought for a moment I was gone...  But I could have sworn I seen, something move when I was entering the shopping centre. Like a shadow flicker by a shop door..

I nearly... Ehm... You know.. Lost control of my bladder... No laughing. I ran like a crazy man. Thought I was being followed.

-Deafening silence-

What if I was followed back here?... What if they are waiting outside right now... Watching me, waiting...

-Sound of a chair hitting the ground and distant shouting-

Come out you cowards! I know your there! I know your there.... Please be there...


-Footsteps clicking on a wooden floor-

The End

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