Recording 2Mature

"Recording 2:


Excuse me. Well as it turns out the banging sound was just an electric hammer that, I am not entirely sure how, turned on in the garage...

Panic averted. Thankfully...

I am not sure if you guys have pets in the future, or I dunno.. Some kind of hybred animal, but I had a pet. A dog in actual fact. Called, wait for it, because this is the most original dog name ever, Max.

I didn't choose his name, but I did love that little fellow. He was some kind of collie cross. Completely and utterly wired...


I could really use that little guy now... He was the perfect dog. The perfect dog.

-Heavy coughing-

Sorry. I need to pull myself together. Max ran away a few days before everyone vanished... We looked for what felt like forever. If I went outside I would probably find some of the posters we put up of our little black and white friend...

-Deep Breath-

Its official anyway.... I now have no food at all. Which is slightly awkward, but I guess I seen this coming..... The problem now is, I must venture into the unknown familiarity of my neighbourhood. I must... Oh I really dont want to.


I dont have a choice do I? I can stay, and die of starvation, or go and die of fear... What a fucking choice. Did I mention I am in a bad mood? Well I guess that kind of thing could have been guessed.... I am on my own, literally.

The issue now facing me is choosing which shop... My local shop is, well obviously the nearest. But it might not have everything I need. I guess I could ransack the houses around but.. But ya know.... What happens if the homes arn't empty?... It looks like tesco is my best option..

-Banging of fists against a table-

Ugh I really, am not the ideal person to have survived! Like what the hell could I possibly do to help Humanity? Thats if Humanity is still alive...

Shut up damn it! You can't keep complaining... Keep your head up! Keep your head up...

-Keys rustling and a door bangs shut-

The End

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