The RecordingsMature

"Recording one:

Well, its been four days since..... Well since I have seen anyone. And no, I am not a recluse. Its also been nine days since, what I call, Ragnarok, or the end of the World, essentially, happened.

Its funny how one minute your sitting on your bed or chair, reading a book or watching the television, and then you go to bed, and wake up to find, nothing. Nearly everyone has vanished, or died...

-Coughing sound-

Well I guess its not that funny.


Or maybe it is. I am sorry if I seem a little lost, I am as confused as you would expect, thats if people still exist and care enough about expectations...


I only found this recorder earlier. Not entirely sure what I am doing with it, but... I dunno, I guess its a sign of hope for me... Kinda.

I am only nineteen and I am living in London, in my families old home. I am not entirely sure what to do. All the zombie films I have watched have made me paranoid.... Bit afraid to leave..

-Deep breath-

Well I guess I hope that this recorder stops me from losing my mind, at least thats if whatever hasn't effected everyone else doesn't get me first...

Its July 12th by the way. The year is.... ehm.. 2017. Wow. I have nearly forgotten what year it is... I guess it doesn't really matter anyway. Still not a positive sign though...

-Chewing sound-

I am also nearly out of food.. I guess I never realized it before, but home cooked, mother style meals, taste the best. I really miss that.. Especially considering I am rubbish at cooking...


Well I guess at least I wont have to buy the food... It will be eerie though, walking through the empty.... Hopefully empty, streets.

-Banging sound-

What was that?... Oh shit.. You don't think they have... Wheres my golf club..?.... God Damn it! Where is my golf club!

-Heavy Banging sound-

I had better go...

The End

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