Choices for reasons unknown

I woke up, dazed by the bright light shining through the open window. The sounds of the already bustling city were almost comforting; they promised I was not alone. I sat up slowly, yawning tiredly and brushing my black hair away from my eyes. I looked around and slowly took in my surroundings. Darragh's apartment, sofa. No one in sight. A blanket lay on the floor, where I guessed it had been placed kindly upon me before I kicked it off during the night.

"Hey, you're awake," Darragh said brightly, sitting down beside me on the pale beige sofa.

"Yep, I'm awake," I laughed lightly.

"Want something to eat?" Darragh said softly, gesturing towards the kitchen, where a steak was placed on a plate, garnished heavily with herbs.

"Thank you, maybe when I wake up a bit, go for a run, maybe head to the training hall, I'm in the mood for a fight-"

"Look, Lizzie... I've been meaning to talk to you about something," He said quietly, not looking into my eyes.

"You have?" My heart raced in my chest, making concentration an arduous task.

"Yeah, erm... The thing is, you know how much I care for you, right? I mean-"

"Crap, I'm meant to be training! Can we talk about this another time Dar? Thanks for letting me crash," I said breathlessly, adrenaline pumping.

I jumped up before he could answer, grabbed my coat and walked hurriedly towards the door.

"Okay... uh, see you later Lizzie," Darragh said from the sofa, bemused.

"See you later," I said warmly, the false okay-ness barely holding up, my mouth dry and tears threatening to cascade.

The End

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