Pretty amazing dream

I stood up quickly, my fluid movements a little too fast for human eyes.

The vampires around me stared, and Connor stood, still by the door, eyes still hard with the newly acquired ferocity, but his unease was obvious, it was as if he was unsure if he was in the right place; had he stumbled into the wrong room?

I walked cautiously towards him, and his eyes found my tentative, worried ones.

He pulled his face into a half-smile, and I rushed towards him, pulling him into a hug.

Holding onto me tightly, he whispered into my ear.

“So, what’s the story, Pixie?” He said flatly, his usual greeting having lost it’s energy, but it was more than I had expected.

Seeing as I had expected a shell.

“Oh Connor, I’m so sorry,” I said weakly, the words sounding more useless than they had done in my head.

He said nothing, but released me, and attempted to smile warmly.

I glanced back, looking for Darragh. Relief was etched on his face, and I reached out for his mind, looking not to read his thoughts, but to give him a little jolt. He instantly stood up and embraced his brother, before reaching out for my hand and giving it a squeeze. He let our hands fall back to our sides, and I smiled. But if he had spent five seconds within my mind, right that second, he would have read the confusion and pain. What shall I take that to mean? Do you want to reassure me, as a friend? Do you want to support me, as a friend? Or do you want to love me, as my best friend?

I shook my mind. What did it really matter, right now? So much was happening, and I had to learn to concentrate on the task in hand, saving the Academy, preventing more death and destruction.



 Somehow, I was nestled in Darragh’s arms, as he and Connor talked and I drifted in and out of sleep. I only picked up on snippets of the conversation, though I tried to keep my heavy eyes open, they always seemed to close against my will.

“How… did you cope?” A voice I was sure was Darragh’s, asked hesitantly.

I heard a deep intake of breath, and a short exhale, before Connor answered the question, in his sure, calm voice.

“I didn’t, not at first. I’m still not sure if I am,” He said quietly. “But, all I knew was Michelle, and how much I love her, and how much it would hurt- would have hurt her, if I had killed myself over it.”

I didn't hear Darragh reply, but I heard Connor get up and move around in the kitchen.

Darragh’s enveloping warmth was wrapped around me, and I could feel his fingers playing with mine. I could tell from the way he was breathing, that he was thinking, in his own little world.

“She asleep?” Connor asked, close enough for me to know he had sat back down again.

“Yeah, think so, she hasn’t been sleeping well, I bet she‘s tired,” Darragh murmured.

I wasn’t sure if I was awake or not, but I knew my eyes were closed, and I couldn’t quite muster the energy to give a sign of life. So the voices continued, and I was safe and warm…

“So when did you two finally get it together?”

“What are you on about Connor?”

“You and Lizzie, when did you stop lying to yourselves?”

“I seriously have no idea what you’re on about man,”

“Oh yeah? So you just hold your friends like that, do you?” Connor chuckled, and I could hear the smile in his voice. Words just weren’t quite making sense right now…

Darragh was quiet, and his fingers had moved into my hair.

“Shall I take from your silence, that you don’t love her?”

“Of course I love her,” Darragh mumbled.

“So? Does she not know that? I was sure you two had finally talked or lapsed into passion or something,”

Darragh laughed, and then I couldn’t keep my consciousness from slipping any further. I slept well.

The End

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