Blurred Vision

The room was tense, the vampires stiff with the stress. The room was draped in heavy fabric, the shimmering gold threads mesmerising to me, though at this point, cracked paint would of sufficed. The topics of discussion  were causing my head to dull with the pressure; I didn't want to face what was coming, and talking about it was no easier.

Darragh sat laxly in his chair, stretched back in his perfect couldn't-care-less manner. He stifled a yawn, and gave me a quick wink. His nonchalant and carefree attitude was a stark contrast to the rest of the coven - anxious, angry and restless- every vampire was on alert, waiting for that call to attack, to avenge the death of Michelle, to defend their coven, release their pent up anger.

I thought about Michelle, more often than anyone knew. She had been the sensible, mother-figure, in our closely knit group of four. Beautiful, with golden hair, a gentle heart and the one anyone could turn to. I missed her, in simple terms. When she had fallen in love with Connor, I'd met Darragh, the funny, confident brother. We'd instantly bonded, and had fallen back on each other as Michelle and Connor became more and more attached- and when they married, it had felt so right, everyone knew they were meant to be, they had that vibe.

I shivered, as I thought of Connor, alone and in such pain, his heart torn to pieces. And I rediscovered my brutal resolve, that had been lost, in fright, at the georgian mansion. I knew now, why I had gone there, I knew now, why I sat at the mahogany table. Nothing attacked us like this, nothing. No one, had the right to rip life away from her. And we would bring them down.

 I looked up, angry tears blurring my vision. Darragh was staring at me, his green eyes anxious and his expression tender, and a little freaked-out.

"Hey," He whispered. He stretched his hand out tentatively, a little hesitant to touch me; things had been a little awkward, to say the least.

I pushed my hand forward, unfurling my fingers slowly. He grasped them, and squeezed them tight. "We're gonna get them, don't worry."

"What about Connor?" I whispered, my voice close to cracking with the pain.

Darragh's eyes tightened. "I'm not sure what to do right now," He said, loud enough for the rest of the committee to hear. "But, we'll figure something out, let's just deal with this first,"

"Very good, Darragh. But perhaps you can share your words of wisdom with us all?" Stuart's voice rang across the ornately decorated boardroom.

The End

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