Blinding Panic

Six feet tall, bronze skin, and startling blue eyes. This is all I could take in, I had no thoughts, no get out plan. I felt nothing coming from his mind, my attempt to inhabit it, in vain. I felt nothing, other than a blinding panic. Yes, I had blinding panic, alright.

And he simply stood there, looking at me with incredulity and a hint of 'is she not going to run?'.

"Go, before they realise you're here," He said silkily, stepping back away from me, leaving a gap for that perfect escape route, through the oak trees and over the wall. It was simply too easy.

I looked at him, disbelief evidently plain on my face. He sighed exasperatedly. "Look, I don't agree with what they did, and realise you can't be in the right state of mind, otherwise you seriously would not have come here," He said pointedly, looking at me with almost desperate eyes. "I don't want to see another girl dead, okay? Just go!"

I gave him a look, trying to convey my gratitiude, and  I think my burning curiosity made it through aswell. But I didn't need to be told another time; so I turned, and fled into the trees, jumping gracefully over the eight foot concrete wall.

Why had he let me go like that? He knows as well as I, that our covens were planning to fight. Why would he let me live, escape back to my coven, with vital information - weakening his family? My thoughts swirled within my mind, never forming a sensible conclusion.

Totally unaware, I found myself at my apartment, with no recollection of my journey there. The pale blue walls of the corridor spun, the spotlights too bright for my sensitive eyes. My hands shook, as I pressed the keys into the lock, fumbling in a completely idiotic and non vampirical way. I heard someone approach behind me, and sighed as I recognised the step; Darragh always shuffled his feet, in his own particular way, and would let his hands brush against the sides of the walls, when absent minded. I stopped awkwardly attempting to use the keys, and stood there, waiting.

"Hey, I've been looking for you missy!" He said, and I turned to see him, smiling in the way I hadn't seen, since before the car 'accident'.

I smiled weakly back, and his eyes looked at me in confusion. "What's up?"

"Just the usual," I shrugged, trying to pull myself together.

He laughed loudly, letting it ring, in a beautiful, care free way. "Puh-lease! Like you're going to get away with this that easily! Tell me what's up," He said, grinning.

"Just tired, or something. Why are you in such a jubilant mood?" I asked him, honestly inquisitive, yet hoping he would let my disconsolate mood pass.

"Oh, y'know. Beautiful morning, beautiful girl," He said, still smiling.

I laughed, bitterness seeping through. He looked a little shocked, and his eyes emanated a raw hurt. "Who is she?" I asked, my voice a little bold.

"I was talking about you, Liz." He said quietly, looking at his hands for a moment, the happy carefree smile long gone. "Why are you acting like this?" He said in a small voice, looking up at me.

I felt tears well up in my eyes, but I ignored them, letting a shell of toughness envelope me.

"I need to be alone, right now Darragh," I said, my voice feeling so much stronger than I felt.

He came closer, and tipped my face up to look at him. "I know you're grieving, I am too: I was just trying to be happy, because all this grief will eat us up, if we don't try move on; you know it was what she would have wanted, she wanted us to be happy,"

I stared at him, torn between what I should do. Should I tell him about where I had been? Or should I just let him hold me, and try to regain that smile...

My decision was made for me. Leaning forward, to kiss me gently on the cheek, he froze. And I thought they had no scent, I thought vaguely. It would be something to discuss later, I guessed.

"Where have you been, Lizzie?" He whispered urgently, and I didn't need to look at him, to see the terror in his eyes.

The End

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