My heart racing vivaciously in my chest, I placed my conversed foot steadily against the bark of the oak, glanced towards the still silent house, and sped up the tree, a blur of dark colours, until I reached the uppermost branches. I tentatively placed my weight, testing to see if the branches could take it, then sat there, perched like a delicate bird.

I looked out, across the sweeping grounds, the elegant house the focus point, the beautiful surroundings-  were simply there to surround it.

Two tanned beautiful women, stepped from the house, their flowing white cotton dresses catching softly in the light wind. Caramel curls fell wildly to their hips, the weakness of the winter sun not weakening the golden shine from their hair.

 I leant forward on my branch, closing my eyes... letting my mind rush forward to inhabit the one nearest to me. I bit my lip in concentration, trying to remember everything I had been taught within the Academy, trying to remember every little detail so as to ensure my presence went entirely unnoticed, and with that, ensuring my survival. I gasped as my mind penetrated hers, and felt the rush of her thought processes.

Carmelita so shouldn't go ahead with this, if she had any idea what she was getting herself into. David doesn't love her... Oh well. Not my place to tell her. I could never love one so harsh, anyway. Never mind the fact he kills humans the way he does... The way he killed that Hay-

My own mind rushed as my power ended, the thirty seconds of insight gone. I had heard all I needed to. I knew now for certain, almost. I had found the right coven. They- they were the ones, they'd- I froze within the oak, the snap of a twig, giving in, as someone dropped their weight, carelessly down against it. My heart pounded violently within my chest, and I made that split second decision.

I leapt from the branch of the tree, my mind reaching out to penetrate the other vampires... landing gracefully, I looked at the other vampire.

The End

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