Rocking Chair

Darragh rocked me in his arms, back and forth, so slowly, so gently. His hands ran through my hair softly, and I could feel the tears falling slowly, wetting the shirt on my back, as I had ruined his earlier. My head was resting against his shoulder, my hands clenching onto his arms, with them wrapped around me.

We were in his room, on the floor, Darragh slumped against the door, and me in his arms. The last twenty-four hours, were ones I would happily forget, without any qualms.

I winced internally, remembering it all... Connor's face forever etched into my mind... that look. After the news had sunk in, so painfully and slowly, Connor had fled, and Darragh had let him go, knowing he was beyond any help, for now. No one knew where he was, no one knew whether he would come back. Michelle, his Michelle, was gone. Dead, her body ripped into pieces before her heart was shredded... I let out another gasping sob, and Darragh rocked me faster, holding me tighter against him.

"I can't- I can't- How could-" I struggled, and Darragh lightened his hold on me, to look at me.

"I know, I know... Come here...Ssshhh," He consoled, his voice close to breaking...

And we sat there, holding each other, until well into the dawn.

The End

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